Setting the Scene

So I need to set the scene first, when I was 7 years old I was diagnosed with Diabetes type 1. Care for Type 1 diabetes was not as advanced as today. All the doctors would holler  was to concentrate on your feet and eyes. No one mentioned kidneys.

I had reasonable control over the years, nothing to be to concerned about but in mid 2000 I was diagnosed with renal disease by my GP.

I spent quite some time torturing myself thinking about the what ifs in terms of control of diabetes etc, but I was told it was “one of those things”, sometimes being diabetic with good control can still lead to serious complications.

I went to my local GP for the normal 6 monthly diabetes check up, a few days later I got a call to return to discuss some blood test results. This showed a raised level of creatinine and a reduction in kidney function.

It was a bit of a shock but over the following 8 years my function declined and I ended up receiving a kidney transplant from my wife Jo. It was not a straight forward journey, particularly as I rejected my wife on day one and ended up incarcerated in hospital for 3-4 weeks. Now up to 7 years later “Sidney the kidney” is going strong.

I am sure you will identify when I had my transplant when you follow the creatinine trace, the other smaller blips are typical when you are ill such as flue etc.


kidney function


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