My Very First Attempt

So I need to set things straight before I start blogging or what ever you call it.

I hated English with a passion at school, I was more maths and sciences. Due to this self inflicted let down I am extremely poor with English language, never mind a second language.

So this is a warning before any grammar and spelling police get rather upset. I can’t spell, poor on grammar, don’t know how to use apostrophes and other punctuation marks etc etc.

We just can’t be perfect at everything, can we ?

So why am I writing this blog,  well in short it is all about my challenge to cycle from London to Paris in July 2018.

It covers from the start of deciding to carry out the challenge through to the challenge itself, well if I manage it.

So this first question I can see you asking is what is the jelly fish all about ? Well for the first time since my transplant I ventured outside of Europe. Going on holiday in the EU always appealed to me personally as it felt a little more safe. However off we went to California for Jo’s special birthday ending in a 0, whilst there I met this little fella who was mesmerising in a tank at Monterrey aquarium.  Just brings back amazing memories.

So hope you enjoy reading this guff





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